A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is a reflection of God‘s love

-Isaiah 66:13

Everyone that knows me knows I have always been close to my dad and not my mom. When my dad passed I questioned God about why he took my dad first and not my mom because she had cancer way before he did. It sounds bad but I was just lost and confused as to why all of this was happening so fast. But I had to realize that God makes no mistake and this was apart of His plan.

After my dad passed my mother became my ROCK! Being that my dad and mom passed a year apart, the year I did get to spend with my mother was honestly one of the best years of my life. My mother taught me how to depend on God for everything. She taught me how to have a strong prayerful life. Her determination, faith, wisdom, loyalty, and love is what made her the TRUE woman of God that she was. Before she passed she told me that I was going to be alone and that God was the only one that was going to help me through all of this. At the time I did not want to hear that because I could not imagine losing both parents at my age and only a year apart. I prayed that God would heal my mother’s body and that she would not have cancer anymore.

Weeks before my mom passed she told me that God had already healed her. Of course I did not quite understand because if God had healed her why was she still sick. But she told me that God healed her and has given her a “New Body.” When she said that I new then that my mom was about to leave me. But she continued to uplift me and told me to have faith and that everything was going to be okay. I didn’t want to believe that because I knew then that I just couldn’t take it.

I started crying and she took my hand and started praying for me. I was thinking to myself as to why she was praying for me and not herself. I wanted her to pray that God would keep her here with me but instead she prayed that I would seek God for help and understanding and depend on Him no matter what I do. All of this was making zero sense to me, but I did not want to question it because my mother just seemed so happy and sure that God was going to make everything alright.

After my mom passed I had to realize that God made no mistake. God allowed my mother to have five children leaving her with only one child to survive. My mom battled cancer for three years, lost her husband and still trusted God. Through everything that my mom went through, her love and faithfulness to the Lord and her child was unconditional. Her strength is what made her the powerful woman and mother she was.

Always Remember to cherish moments with your mother. A mother’s love is a love like no other.

-Rest In Heaven Beautiful 11.12.19

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