Are You Willing To Let God Fill Your Void?

“He satisfies those who are thirsty. He fills those who are hungry with good things...They were in trouble, so they called to the Lord for help, and he saved them from their troubles.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭107:9, 13‬ ‭ERV‬‬

Losing both my parents at a young age left me broken. It left me with a void in my heart and in my life. I thought time and time again how to fill that void. I was at a low point in my life and I was confused about what to do. I thought if I drank my feelings away it would fix the problem. I thought about smoking and having sex. All those things I did and I’m not ashamed of admitting where I went wrong. Sometimes admitting that we’ve messed up and did things we should not have done is where the healing starts. I knew doing those things was not me and that my parents would be very disappointed in me if they knew what I was doing. At that time there was no one around to help me and bring me out of that dark place I was in. I just felt broken and didn’t know how to fill the emptiness in my heart. Participating in sin was temporarily filling my void.

I realized all I did was complain, wanted others to feel sorry for me, feeling sorry for myself, committed sin over and over where I let it take control over my mind and I felt like it was the only thing left for me to do.

After crying and praying to God. He said I’ve been waiting for you to come to me. And it made me realize that I was turning to everything else but God. I didn’t know how to recover from what I was doing. But God told me that I needed to turn my life over to Him. And of course I have said the sinners prayer but I knew deep down inside that I hadn’t fully submitted myself to God.

So that day I told God I was ready and that I needed Him, I needed Him to fill that void in my life, and forgive me for what I had done. I needed strength & I wanted to fully submit myself to Him so that He could begin to work on me inside and out. My mind was saying that I had given my all to God but my heart and my actions said otherwise.

I was “half-stepping”- one minute I would say that I love and trust God and the next minute giving up on Him and doing things that weren’t pleasing to Him. It was God’s Grace and His love that brought me out of that dark place and into His light.

God is waiting on us with His arms out, ready for us to come to Him. He wants us to let go of what has hurt us, things that are holding us back and give our ALL to Him. But YOU have to be ready! Sometimes we think we are ready but still want to do the same things we were doing before. But that’s when you ask God to remove those things from your life and allow Him to work wonders in your life. Once you ask, God will give it to you because He honors us when we are trying and wants us to seek Him for completeness.

God’s love, God’s promises, His forgiveness, God being my mother and father, me trusting Him, me giving my ALL to Him, and letting go of my hurt and things that did not belong in my life FILLED MY VOID!!! God did that & I am so grateful for His grace and mercy keeping me.

I have an eternal joy that God has given me and no matter what I go through and what people say about me, my joy is forever and no one, not even Satan can take it away from me no matter how hard he tries. Because my help comes from the Lord who is my peace.

A new month is approaching us and I see our people hurting. Regardless if it’s something from the past, friends, or family that has hurt you. Or even us getting worked up over this virus.


I want you to ask God to help you FOCUS on Him & FORGIVE those who have hurt you. Then ask Him to forgive YOU and when YOU are ready, tell Him. It all starts with YOU because God‘s arms are wide open and He is waiting on you. Trust Him to fill that void in your life and watch how God will give you what you need.

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