Only For A Season

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

- Ecclesiastes 3:1

In life there are people in your life called “seasonal people.“ What I mean by that is, the people God placed in your life may have only been there for a season but not a lifetime. I can recall being ”friends“ with people that I never thought would leave me. I used to act as though it did not bother me but when I lost my parents I really needed those people and they were no where to be found.

I thought to myself, should I hate them, say something to them, and God said no, you should forgive and love them just as I have forgiven and loved you. I didn’t question God because I knew thats what I should do. So I prayed that God would show me how to forgive and love those people and he did just that.

When you can speak positively on someone’s name, see them and act as if nothing has changed between the two of you, that’s when you know you have forgiven that person and it does not bother you anymore. I had to learn to pray for those people and love them from a distance.

Another thing that God has taught me about seasonal people is when you find yourself having a closer walk with God, God replaces those people with people who are on your level. Well, what I’m saying is, I had people in my life who were not trying to better themselves, grow with Christ, and only wanted to stay in the same, bitter place they were in. If you are in the same place you were in years ago, then you are not growing as a person. God may have taken those people out of my life but I still try to be a vessel for them when they need me.

God only wants us to move forward and to trust Him. He’s the only person that is going to carry us day to day and make sure that we have people in our lives that are going to help us grow and not hold us back. But you have to step out on faith and leave those people where they are.

Don’t block the blessing God has in store for you holding on to old roots. Even plants have to get rid of bad roots in order to grow. Just be great and remember God only wants the best for you.

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