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Hey, family, and HAPPY May to all of you!

We just recently celebrated Mother’s Day, so Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers, expecting mothers, and mother figures. I hope you spent some time with your number one lady!

Well, I would like to introduce the series for the month of May, called “R.A.W” Real, Authentic, Worship. This is something God has been dealing with me on since March. Every time I am about to blog about this series, God reveals something even deeper for me to think about. Those deep thoughts have taken me back to my past where I was broken, betrayed, angry, lustful, depressed, and empty. I asked God why would you bring me back to a place where you brought me out of and He said look at each of these moments where you felt empty but you worshipped me. You couldn’t speak for days but somehow you worshipped me. You couldn’t walk, but you worshipped me. And now that you’ve discovered more about who you are, you're forgetting how powerful your worship is. It’s still important regardless of how overwhelmed you are. You have to learn how to pace yourself through every good or bad season of your life.

I don’t know about you all but God knows how to step on my toes! Ouchhhh… It’s when we need it most, God tells us what we need to hear. It might not be what we want to hear but it’s always true. Worship had become a place of surrender and HOME for me, “Hope, Obedience, Magnitude, and Equipping” but I've felt myself going into a drought when all I needed was to be refilled with God’s mercy through my worship.

What is worship to you?

God is always having me step out of my comfort zone and talk to other women and have them tell their testimony and I asked a few women to share what worship meant to them. I’ve shared them on my Instagram and not only has this helped them and myself but it’s helping others. Testifying isn’t all about us, it’s about the person who is about to give up and letting them know that, they still have time. Without your testimony, there’s still a woman or man waiting to unleash their pain but they don’t know-how.

Worship is the main reason why I kept going, it was really the only way for me to keep going. I can remember laying in the back of the ambulance after my first seizure and the paramedics were panicking. At the time the enemy had wrecked my voice and my ability to walk. But somehow in that moment of chaos, I was able to hum the song “I Need Thee.” Staring at the paramedic beside me, he began to calm down, and he said to the guy who was driving, “man I think she’s going to be okay, she’s back here singing…she’s just a kid, she’s too young die…this is my first week on the job and she’s keeping me calm.” Listening to that guy panic y’all, was kind of funny, but I couldn’t even laugh. I just wanted him to be still and sit down, because whew the man had turned red on me!

But it showed me how worship can calm a crazy storm. The power of just saying “Jesus” can stop any devil in his tracks and show him that Jesus is still ALIVE and that He is not through with you. Use worship as your weapon. When you can’t sing, talk, walk or even move. Just be still and begin to think of the goodness of the Lord and all that He has done. I guarantee that the power of Jesus will cover you at that moment. Your worship needs to be for real. Worship has a way of bringing peace and joy into my day. When depression or anxiety tries to creep in, the name of Jesus prevails.

Worship Challenge

My challenge for you is to start your day with worship and end your day with worship. Do this for however long you want and track how well your mental health will start to improve well. See how you’re starting to feel, how well you deal with situations, and how fast the enemy will flee. I believe that this month is about bringing every woman and man back to their place of worship. It’s so easy to get upset and start to feel drained or let everything and everyone bother us. But once you start and end your day by getting in the presence of God, I declare that no weapon formed against you will prosper, in Jesus' name. Be blessed and stay tuned for the next blog!

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