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Dec 08, 2021
In HERStory
In 2016 I became homeless, or at the time what I thought was homeless My family and I was living in a hotel for 9 month. I felt like a failure I let my family down. I was at my very lowest point in my life depression started creeping in anxiety you name it.I thought I was loosing my mind. This is what I called being down in the valley. Well it was in the valley when I didn’t have no one to call on but God ,when I did he came to see about me after having my talks with God he made me realize that he had to put me in a place where I wasn’t familiar with ,a uncomfortable place to get my attention because I stopped putting him first in my life .It was like I was forgetting who he was.While in the hotel I started giving God the Glory and praising him in the midst of my storm. I didn’t wait until I came out I praised him during. As time passed I found a house that was much bigger than the one I lost and in the area I wanted very nice neighborhood. So if you are going through something and it may seem like God has forgotten you he hasn’t he is a on time God who will never let you down he might be repositioning you just like he did me. Keep pushing and praying your way through.
Don’t give up, don’t you dare quit, because help is on the way!!!! content media


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